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IDM meets the challenges of a changing industry with our new DeSite Topsoil Screener designs.

Our years of experience working in the dirt helps us manufacture products that make sense.

New for 2017 The SLG 78VF-5.

Updated and Improved Features

- Tilting Screen Deck

- Updated Tilting Feeder

- New Deck Suspension

What This all Means Is

- Bigger Production

- Higher efficiency

- Best Value Screening

Redesigned Feeder for the Topsoil Screener. Topsoil Screener on a Riser Box adds more room for production.

*Shown above with the optional Riser Box


Use the SLG-78 with the following machines
Compact Wheel Loader Wheeled Skid Steer Tracked skidsteer
Compact Wheel Loader Wheeled Skid Steer Tracked Skid Steer
  • Reversible Lift Lugs that can be removed in seconds allowing small bobcats and bucket tractors with as little as 30hp to feed and transport the screener around the worksite.
  • Onsite Tow Kit are available when traveling distances for remote screening. This works well on golf courses and on large acreages and farms.
  • Transport the SLG-78 on the same trailer as you bobcat and bucket tractor. This screener is 96 inches wide so it will load crossways on the trailer uses less that 4 feet of deck space.
  • Sloping Legs to alter screen deck slope. Different products whether it be soils, sand, gravels, etc travel at different speeds over the screening surface. Altering the deck slope will increase efficiency.
  • Crowned Screen Deck that supports our side tensioned woven screen mesh for maximum life and durability.
  • Spring Screen Deck Suspension that generates its own action and reaction kinetic energy when the deck is in motion.
  • Screen Mesh Change can be done in 10 minutes with our simple mesh tensioning system.
  • Multiple Mesh Sizes are available from 1/8 to 6 inches for screening sand, soil, compost, rock and woody debris.

Portable Topsoil Screener Loaded with SkidSteerThe SLG 78VF-II Topsoil Screener gives customers the ability to screen and recycle soil and rock products both onsite and back at the shop.

The unique design of the SLG allows it to screen and recycle wet or dry materials contaminated with large and small debris to make high quality salable products.

Our DeSite SLG-78VF is being purchased by homeowners and contractors for both private and commercial use.

Woven screen mesh from 1/8 to 4 inches can fitted to the SLG-78VF for screening topsoil, sand, rock, compost, wood products and much more.

This portable screener is designed to be used with bobcats, skidsteers, wheel loaders and bucket tractors having up to a 78” bucket.

The SLG-78VF comes with our No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee giving you 100% piece of mind when purchasing this product.



DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil / Rock Screeners

The SLG-108VF Topsoil Screener is designed for compact machines with buckets larger than 78 inches. The SLG-108VF has a 10ft wide by 6ft long screen deck mounted with dual vibrations packs to the under side. Topsoil Screener with a Vibratory Pack makes screening soil easier.

Because the 108VF screening surface is so large we have designed the screen deck with two side by side hooked high tensile mesh making mesh change out quick and easy. We hook our mesh panels so that the woven mesh can be side tensioned over our crowned screen deck for maximum durability.

The DeSite SLG-108VF can be lifted and transported around the work site with pallet forks or by using our slide in lift extensions.

Use the SLG-108VF with the following machines
Compact Wheel Loader
Compact Wheel Loaders
Wheeled Skid Steer
Wheeled Skid Steers
Tracked skidsteer
Tracked skidsteers

click Topsoil Screener SLG-108 for more information



SLG-108VFRB Topsoil / Rock Screeners

Topsoil Screener SLG-108VFRB with Riser Box increase the number of machines that can feed it.

The DeSite SLG-108VFRB Vibratory Screener has a 6ft x 10ft screen deck offering more than 55 square feet of screening surface. Priced at $10,000, the SLG-108VFRB is saving people time and money recycling waste products onsite.

The DeSite SLG 108VFRB has been designed to be fed with loaders and backhoes, but also can be fed with skid steers and bucket tractors when the riser box is removed. Removing the riser box can be done in 2 minutes with our 4 inch nylon belt quick change system.

Mounted to the under side of the screen deck is our twin vibration pack system vibrating at 3600 rpm delivering 1400lbs of force.

Use the SLG-108VFRB Screener with the following machines
Large Bucket Tractor
Large Bucket Tractors
Wheel Loader
Wheel Loaders
Wheeled Backhoes

Click Topsoil Screener SLG-108VFRB for more information

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