DeSite BSP 8-12 “Big Mouth” Snowplow for only $2895.00usd*

DeSite is now getting ready for winter with our heavy duty, simple and efficient snow pushers / snowplows for the on coming snow season.

Our DeSite BSP 8-12 "Big Mouth" snow pushers save people needing to move snow both time and money. We are the factory, offering factory direct pricing to the customer. You have the opportunity to take advantage factory pricing with no one in the middle marking up the product.

We offer three different mounting systems that allow the customer to choose which snowplow mount best fits your machine and application.

Skid Steer Quick-Attach Mount

We have designed 16 mounting holes that allow for our floating skidsteer quick change plate to bolt to the back of the blade. Our floating quick change plate allows the blade to follow the contour of the ground.

Bucket Attach Mount

Our bucket adapter mount allows machines with buckets to slide into the back of the snow pusher. We have left 4 inches of opening height for buckets that have teeth or a thick cutting edge. Leaving extra room for the bucket in the lift tubes allow the blade to follow the contour of the ground.

Forklift Attachment Mount

Because we have design of mount system to be bolted and not welded we can offer an additional mounting system for standard and reach forklifts. Simply drive up to the back of the snow pusher, insert your fork into the tubes and your forklift is now a snow plow that can expand to more that 11ft or shrink to 8ft for plowing in confined area.

DeSite “Big Mouth“ BSP 8-12 Snowplow Advantages:


The BSP 8-12 can be an 8ft box plow, an 11ft U plow or can configure to plow snow to the left or right. Having a box snow plow that can push 4 to 5 yards of snow and only 96 inches wide allows for quick plowing in tight areas. With the wings pinned at 45 degrees the BSP 8-12 opens up to more than 11ft, moving as much as 8 yards of snow with each pass. Wing snow to the left or right by simply pinning one wing forward and the other wing back. The DeSite BSP 8-12 offers plowing versatility for the exceptional price of $2895.00usd

Snowplow can have both wings forward 45 degrees. snowplow with one wing forward 45 degrees and the other back 45 degrees.


Most box style snow pushers have fixed wings on the sides that will not move so the blade is 10 to 12ft wide. These types of snow pushers are too wide to travel so they get left sitting in the corners of parking lots. Having a snow pusher on each and every lot to service only that parking lot makes for expensive snow plowing. That is why DeSite has designed the 11ft plus snow plow to fold up to 8ft. The BSP 8-12 snow plow can be loaded onto a trailer along with the plowing machine or can be packed from job to job. Having a standard bucket to snowplow in confined areas and around curbs, then using our “ Big Mouth “ plow and pile the bulk of the snow makes for quick profitable plowing.

Snowplow easily loads on a trailer . Snowplow with a skidsteer on a trailer.


Our “ Big Mouth” BSP 8-12 is simple as simple as it gets. 8ft wide x 3ft high with two 3ft x 3ft wings that adjusts from 8ft to more than 11ft. Heavy duty tubes pin the wings into multiple positions to plow or wing snow. No wires and no hydraulics mean no downtime, and no repairs. What all this adds up to is a snow pusher for $2995usd that gets the jobs done quick and efficient.

The ability to move snow quick and efficient is the secret to many money when plowing snow. If you are not plowing your customers snow somebody else that is already finished their plowing will be. The DeSite BSP 8-12 for only 2995.00 is the most affordable snow pusher in the market that will help move your snow quickly.

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