Desite SLG-108VFRB Topsoil Screener

Front view of the Desite SLG-108VFRB Topsoil Screener Relative size of the Desite SLG-108VFRB Topsoil Screener

The DeSite SLG-108VFRB weighs in at 4400lbs and comes fitted with all of the options. This portable vibratory screening machine separates and recycles topsoil, gravel, bedding sand, compost, erosion control rock, and winter sand products.

The 108 has 60 sq. ft. of screening area with its 10ft wide, 6ft long screen deck. The screen deck mounts on our duplexed quad spring suspension. The screen deck slope of the 108 can change from 45 degrees to 30 degrees by the operator during the screening process. This allows the operator to control feed speed and material flow according to the product being screened. No other screener in the industry has this ability to manipulate the deck slope for varying conditions.

Back view of the DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener

Vibratory System

Two sealed dual eccentric 110 Volt (3000rpm) Vibratory Motors that are mounted to the underside of the screen deck. These vibratory motors combined deliver offer 1400 lbs. of thump. These motors draw about 5 amps each allowing the screener to be powered with as small as a 3000 watt generator. This screener can also be powered by a 20 amp 110 volt wall power.


Riser Box

Many contractors also have both conventional and compact equipment to feed a screening machine. This is the reason we have designed the SLG-108 to be fitted with our heavy duty 27" Riser Box that brings the feed height up to 126 inches. The riser box sits below the screener and is secured to the screener using four 5000 pound 4" nylon straps.

The riser box can be removed in about two minutes allowing the screener feed height to be brought down to a 96 inch feed height. This allows skid steers, compact loaders, excavators and bucket tractors to make use of the screener without building a ramp to feed the screener.

Close up of SLG-108 on riser boxRiser Box lifts the screener higher

Screen Deck Feed Deflector

The feed deflector for the SLG-108 has been designed to trap and control the flow of material as it passes over the screen deck. This deflector also catches the material as it falls from the bucket, stopping the forward motion of the material delivering it directly down to the top of the screen deck for the screening process to begin. When screening high moisture materials the 3/8 inch thick rubber mat can be lift up off of the screen deck to allow wet materials to flow without restriction over the 45 degree slope of the screen deck.

Heavy Duty Lift Extensions

No other screener design is as portable as SLG series screeners. We offer pallet fork pockets that are built into the screener allowing the screener to be moved quickly and efficiently in and around the worksite. We also offer Lift Extension brackets that allow the screener to be lifted using the bucket of the machine to pick up and move the screener. Towable screeners are time consuming to move and need much more room to operate than the space needed to operate the SLG-108.

DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener Heavy Duty Lift ExtensionDesite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener Lift Extensions

Packaged Shipping

The DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener packages in on a 48”deep x 120”wide x 92”tall pallet. We use flat deck and box vans for shipment of the screener so you will need a machine with forks to unload the screener.The package weighs 4000 lbs. All extra mesh sizes ordered will be banded to the the DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener package.

Front View of DeSite  SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to shipSide View of DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to ship



Includes 2 vibratory motors, Riser Box,
Feed Deflector and Rubber Flap

Priced @ $12,600.00usd for 2018

Topsoil, Rock, Sand, Compost, Gravel and crushed concrete all have different screening characteristics. They can all have different varying moisture levels and varying sizes of foreign material mixed with them. This is why we have designed the DeSite SLG-108VFRB to be so versatile. For only 10K the DeSite SLG-108VFRB is the most cost effective and efficient way to screen and recycle waste products.

Optional Pieces prices-

  • Riser Box $1800.00
  • HD Lift Extensions $375.00
  • Additional Mesh $675.00
Relative size of the Desite SLG-108VFRB Topsoil Screener Side view of the Desite SLG-108VFRB Topsoil Screener