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1. The finest line-up of efficient, portable screeners.

Every manufacturer has some level of passion for their product. There is the old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It does not matter what we as manufacturers say, but if you want to be the best you have to make more than claims, you must provide the customer with detailed provable data as to why your product will service your customers needs better than any other product.

When marketing our products, we go into detail, how our engineering will give you better service and more production. We tell you what machines and the process used to manufacture our products. You will find detailed photos and descriptions as to the features and the components that make our products “the finest line-up of efficient, portable screeners.”

2. Workhorse topsoil machines that out-engineer ...

The economy and customers needs are always evolving. Excavators are a good example of this. Go back 30 years to the 1980’s. What size of excavators were being used to get the work done (Cat 225,235 245, Hitachi UH series excavators etc.)?

In today's times contractors make their best money with compact excavators. Compact machines are a smaller investment, easier to transport, more fuel efficient, and they hold their value better. Skidsteers are another example of evolving designs. Now we have big horsepower track driven skidsteers that are taking the place of backhoes and wheel loaders.

If you look at IDM's history, we are the only screener manufacturers to challenge the old conventional box screener designs that have been around for the past 30 years. The purchase price of our screeners is lower, while our production is bigger. We offer a design that can be simply picked up and moved around the work sight in literally seconds. We have a full time engineering staff that is constantly tweaking our designs to make our products better and faster each year. To be the best you must lead not follow the pack. At IDM we never stop innovating.

3. Out-perform ...

This is a bold statement to make. If you want to put that on your website you better have some proof. The truth is, no other screen manufacturer goes to the efforts that IDM has, to capture their products in action. IDM has more than 17 different detail videos made available to show of our different models screening everything from soil, rock, sand, street sweepings, ground asphalt and concrete, wood grindings. Talk is cheap, so at IDM we chose to show you how and why we “out perform”. Visit our websites or YouTube and view all of our videos.

4. Out-feature ...

IDM will not just make general statements like “out-feature”. We go into great detail by opening doors and taking off inspection covers to show you our features. We are eager show our customers up close, all the special components that we design into our products. Our motto is “An informed customer makes the best customer”.

5. Out-last ...

I am not sure what we can say about this, other than IDM has sold more than 3000 screeners since 2007. IDM screeners are not engineered from tubing or angle iron with a skin of steel stitched to the box. Our screeners are laser cut from solid steel plate. We then form all of our radius angles and corners to build in the strength. We use bend gauges to ensure forming accuracy, tab and slotting for part placement, and we laser in weld set backs for maximum weld penetration. Go to “ How We Build” on this website. We go into great detail using text and photos showing how we engineer the strength and quality into our products.

6. "Out-and-out better values for the money than anything in the market.”

  • We are the only portable screen manufacturer to design a feed hopper to increase hourly production.
  • We are the only portable screen manufacturer that has designed a screener that controls the flow of product over the screener for maximum efficiency.
  • Our screener can be used in confined spaces where other machines will not fit.
  • IDM pricing is the most competitive.
  • We are the only manufacturer offering 12-month, 0% interest factory financing with 50% down to our customers.
  • We have our own testing area so that customers can come and test our products seeing personally that our hourly production claims are accurate.
  • We offer one of the best warranties in the industry.
  • We offer both east and west coast toll free numbers to service the needs of the industry.

7. More horsepower isn’t always the answer. Not when more brains can do the job better.

This is true!  Our new SLG78-VF uses less horsepower and torque for every square foot of screening surface than any other powered screener. Our SLG screen deck designs are the most “Kinetically” advanced system available. Our screen decks are so efficient that it can be set in perpetual motion with just the tip of a finger. Visit the IDM engineering page of this website to see a video clip of this.

8. The most productive ...

  • Our designs allow the operator to move our screener around the worksite in literally seconds.
  • Our riser boxes add more than two feet of feeder height adjustment for productivity and operator comfort. No need to peer out the top of your cab to see what you are doing. Just change your feed height. No other screener offers this feature.
  • The SLG series screen decks have more physical movement than any other screener. More movement. More production. Higher efficiency.
  • Go to our features page for more information about our feeders and Riser Box Extension.
  • High quality final product whether screening topsoil, sand, rocks, lead, compost, skeet,e tc.

9. Most reliable

We have owners that we call “weekend warriors”, and then we have owners that are screening thousands of yards each year. Some customers own multiple machines. It is obvious that the more you screen the more maintenance that you must do, but customers tell us that the return on investment has been as quick as two or three months in some cases. Many customers purchase our products without ever being able to physically see or touch the machine.We are always humbled when we get a call from a customer after receiving the screener to tell us that the manufacturing quality has exceeded their expectations.

10. Greenest operating ...

The new SLG78VF uses less torque and horsepower that our competitors. We have a newly patented screener design being unveiled this year. It is a vibratory screener with a 30 to 45 degree screen deck that does not use a battery, and does not burn fossil fuels. At IDM “We Never Stop Innovating”

11. Most versatile ...

We think that IDM screeners are the most versatile.

  • We designed a “Grab and Go” lift system that allows the screener to be moved with a bucket in seconds, keeping you close to your work for better production each hour.
  • Our designs can be loaded on a trailer along with the machine that feeds the screener. This eliminates making two trips.
  • Our screeners can be used in confined area that other screeners will not fit into.
  • Various screen sizes for topsoil, sand, rock, compost, skeet, etc.

12. Most technologically advanced

If you are looking for screener design innovation, IDM leads the way. We are the company that is constantly developing new designs to meet the changing needs of the consumer.

Our new DeSite SLG78 & SLG108 designs are good examples of our technological advancements. See our video clips showing our kinetic energy advancements.

  • New C spring screen deck design that now leads the pack in Kinetic Energy advancement.
  • DeSite designed feeder that directs and controls flow over the screen deck
  • DeSite offers a riser box to adjust the feed height for use with both large and small machines.
  • Grab and Go lift system for more onsite portability (read more)

13. Most economical to operate ...

Our DeSite SLG-108VFRB will screen up to 60 yards per hour.

14. Highest value units money can buy!

“Time is money”, so production is key. When you compare our design with other, it is easy to see why the DeSite SLG108VF can screen so much material each hour.

Look at the features that we make standard equipment:

  • Dual stage feeder design
  • SLG68V: 25 square feet screen deck
  • SLG78VF: 29 square feet screen deck
  • SLG108VF: 60 square feet screen deck
  • Adjustable feeder height box extension
  • Grab and Go transport system
  • Powder Coat Hammertone finish


You will not find as many standard equipment features on any other compact portable screener on the market.

We are offering you a choice of 40K of screeners for far less.

We know this sounds too good to be true, so don’t just take our word for it.

Save yourself 20K. Come see, touch and run the SLG108VF topsoil screener to experience the DeSite difference.


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