DeSite SLG 78VF-5 Vibratory Screener $5500usd

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Screen Rock and Dirt.

Great designs come from people who have actually have hands on experience. When you look closely at the DeSite SLG 78V-5 it is easy to see how seat experience has played a big part in this cost effective, efficient design. You are not going to find a lot of fancy bells and whistles on this Screener. What you will find is a machine with the ability to screen all types of material in all types of conditions. The SLG78VF-5 is a durable, high output, portable screener with a simple no maintenance design that is priced well below the competition.

SLG 78VF-5 Screen Production

Topsoil Screener Produces 15 to 35 yards of material per hour

The 78VF-5 will produce between 15 and 35 yards of material per hour. Hourly production can vary depending upon several factors. Number and size of machines feeding the screener, material moisture content, mesh size, distance from the pile to the screener, and operators ability.

Multi Position Screen Deck

Screen deck can be adusted to 30 degrees.

30 degree position.

  • When you want the material to move slowly across the mesh you then can bring the screen deck into the
    30 degree position.
Screen deck can be adjusted to 35 to 40 degrees

35 to 40 degrees

  • When screening topsoil and gravel with average moisture levels you can set the screen deck slope at 35 to 40 degrees for the best production and efficiency
    This works best for screening products like sand.
Screen deck can be adjusted up to 45 degrees.

Up to 45 degrees

  • Adjust the screen deck up to 45 degrees for screening the most difficult high moisture materials that plug a standard 22 degree slope screener.

Positioning the Screen Deck

Altering the deck slope is quick and easy. Loosen bolts on each side, position the screen deck to the desired position and tighten the bolts.


The process takes less than 5 minutes start to finish.

Screen deck position panel shown here.

Forward Opening Feeder

Feeding a screener quickly is the secret sauce to efficiency and bigger production. We have designed the SLG 78VF-5 with not only a feed deflector but a deflector system that opens up to allow oversize material to flow through. Our feed deflector design allow the operator dump material quickly, guiding it to the top of the screen deck to begin the screening process. No other design offers this feature.

Swing away feed deflector helps move material to the proper position and down the screen.

Cantilevered Quad Spring Suspension

Along with our tilting screen deck settings the operator also has the ability to manipulate the deck slope with the bucket while feeding the screener. Flattening the deck slope by 10 degrees with the bucket allows the operator to control flow during the screening process, giving better production and higher efficiency.

Soil screener screen deck suspension system is cantilevered

Vibratory System

The SLG 78VF-5 is a “Maintenance Free” portable vibratory screener. We mount our sealed 3600 rpm (110 volt) vibrator, delivering over 700lbs of thump to the underside of our screen deck.

Mounting the vibrator in the center of the deck 30% down from the top gives maximum vibratory action where it is most needed. The vibratory mounting plate has been design to hold and protect the vib pack from falling debris.

The screener vibratory pack is shielded. The vibratory control box is on the outside of the screener.

Low to No Maintenance Design

Screeners are like a forklift. They do not get used all day everyday so maintenance is often an after thought. That is why SLG 78VF series screeners are so popular. SLG screeners Low to no maintenance design uses a shielded from the environment 110 volt dual eccentric vibratory motor that mounts to the underside of the screen deck protected by 3/8” steel plate. There is no engine burning fuel, or in need of air filters or an oil change. The suspension system only has 4 greasable pivot points so servicing only takes a couple of minutes.

Workplace Versatility

There is no other screener in the industry that offers the versatility of the SLG 78VF-5. It will not only out perform any screener in its class, but with a foot print of only 4ft x 8ft it can operate in place that a conventional screener with a hitch and wheel will not fit.

The 78VF-5 comes with forklift pockets for moving the screener.

For machines with more lift capacity we offer bucket lift extensions that allow the screener to be picked up and transported with the machines bucket.

Bucket Lift Extensions are available.

Transport Versatility

We understand that making two trips getting equipment to the workplace costs time and money. That is why we have designed the 78VF-5 to be 8ft wide allowing the screener to load crossways on the trailer, leaving room for the machine that will feed the screener.

Topsoil screener is transportable on a flatbed truck or trailer.

Transport Tie Downs

We have laser cut and reinforced two chain tie down chain points to each side of the screener to speed up the process when chaining down the screener for transport.

Chain slots are easily accessible for tie down the machine.

SLG 78 Riser Box

The SLG 78VF-5 can be fitted with our riser box to elevate the screener 18 inches. This allows for 50% more storage capacity for both the finished products and overs. The riser box works well when using high reach skidtseers and larger excavators to feed the screener. The riser box can be removed in less that 2 minutes by releasing the tension on the two 4” nylon straps securing the screener to the riser. The SLG Riser Box costs 900usd.

SLG-78VF-5 show at right on optional riser box

Optional Riser Box.
Screener Specifications
Overall Width 96” (2440mm)
Overall Depth 54” (1371.6mm)
Overall Height 88”
Screener Weight 2000lbs (970kg)
Screen Deck 52” x 80” (1320mm x 2035mm)
Screening Surface 29 sq/ft (2.7 sq/m)
Screen Mesh 3/4” x 4” wire elongated soil mesh
Productivity 15 to 30 yards per hour
Mesh Tensioning Double Hook Side Tension
Screen Deck Suspension DeSite Cantilevered Quad Spring
Feeder System DeSite Swing Away Design
Vibratory System Eccentric Rotation
Rotation RPM 3600
Force 760ft/lbs
Voltage 110 volt(60 hertz) 220 volt(60 hertz)
  • 18 inch Riser Box $900usd
  • Machine transport bucket lift extensions $225usd
  • 25ft 10 gauge twist lock power cord $50usd
  • 14 mesh sizes from 1/8 to 4 inches in stock

Screener Mesh

Versatility is the secret to success, so with 13 mesh sizes to choose from the SLG 78VF-5 will be your money making screen machine.

The SLG 78-5 can screen and recycle everything from sand to soil, compost, asphalt millings, crushed concrete, gravel and drainage rock.

Refer to the table below as a guide to your mesh needs

Available Mesh Sizes
Square Pattern Elongated Pattern
1/8”(3mm) 1/8” x 4”(3mm x 100mm)
1/4”(6mm) 1/4" x 4”(6mm x 100mm)
3/8”(10mm) 3/8” x 4”(10mm x 100mm)
1/2"(13mm) 1/2" x 4”(13mm x 100mm)
1”(25mm) 3/4" x 4”(19mm x 100mm)
1-1/4”(32mm) 1” x 4”(25mm x100mm)