I used the SLG-78 for the first time on September 2, 2013. I installed the 2” screen for this project since we were backfilling an irrigation trench. The first picture shows the backfilled area and the other pictures show the size of rock that was screened out of the backfill. Our soil (if you call it soil) is river rock and silt and is very dry this time of year. We had some dust but the wind was in our favor.

SLG-78, Job SiteSLG-78 Material ViewSLG-78 Finished Screening

The SLG-78 did a great job when some of the 100+ lb. rocks were dropped on the screen with no damage to the screen. With this first project, I am confident that The SLG-78 will do everything that I need and then some. It is well-built and should withstand any screening projects that I have.

Thanks again for a great product.

Allen Hobson
Ephrata, Washington

PS: By the way, both my neighbors were impressed with the SLG-78.


Hi Brad,

Thanks for letting me use the SLG78.  I got about 25yd of gravel. About 60yd of topsoil and lots of big rock. You ask me if it was worth $100 a day.

Rntal SLG-78 and skid steering dumping material for screening.Loading screened material.  High Quality FindsScreened Finds from a SLG-78.

Absolutely! Thanks again!



I am writing to express how much I appreciate the quality and convenience we experienced in using the OMH Innovations SLG Soil Screener.

Prior to our locating your company, we contacted several Rental and Landscape firms in the Spokane area, none of them had Screeds available and could not direct us to any source.

Using your machine, we were able to process all the top soil saved from the excavation on our house at considerable savings over buying new soil and trucking.  Plus all the fun in using our small farm tractor on such a major project, for us.

You have a great product, feel free to use me as a reference.  My contact information is below.


Jerry Schlatter, AIA

2524 Canyon Crest Way #1

Chewelah, WA. 99109