Topsoil and Rock Screener, SLG-108VF
with Vibratory Pack and Feeder

Starting at $10,800

The DeSite SLG-108-VF Portable On-Site Screener is priced at $10,800 USD for 2018. The Desite SLG-108-VF Topsoil Screener comes with a 6ft x 10ft screen deck with two 110 volt vibratory packs. The screen deck comes mounted on our DeSite quad spring design that gives the SLG-108-VF Topsoil Screener over 12 inches of deck travel. You have the ability to manipulate the slope of the screen deck. The DeSite SLG-108-VF Topsoil Screener can be fit with woven mesh as small as 1/8 of an inch and as large as 6 inches.


Model in video does not have new feeder system.

Adjustable Screen Deck Slope

The slope of the screen deck can be manipulated with your machine. That's something that no other manufacturer is offering. In wet material, like mud, use a steep slope to keep the material moving. For dryer material lay the deck back a bit, bringing that slope down to about 30 degrees which will keep the screening material on the deck a little longer. It's a great little feature.

If a lot of material comes out of the bucket very quickly the deck can absorb all that weight and that impact. The deck will lay itself back and when the material screens off the deck will stand itself back up again. It's the only screener out there that has those capabilities.

  • Topsoil Screener SLG-108

  • Flatten the screen deck to control the speed of the material flowing over it

  • Flattened Screen deck of the topsoil screener SLG-108

  • Topsoil Screener with flattened deck front view.

  • Flattening the Screen Deck of the Plant Screener SLG-108 will slow material flow over the deck.

  • Topsoil Screener SLG-108 Side View
  • SLG-108 Front View
  • Flattening the SLG-108 Screen Deck
  • Flattened Screen Deck- Model SLG-108
  • Flattening the screen deck will slow material flow, slowing the screening process.

Click through the slide show above to see how the SLG-108 screen deck can be flattened. slowing material flowing over the screen deck. The SLG-108 allows you to directly control the speed of the screening process.


It's designed to be easily loaded on and off trailers. It is very easy to transport back and forth to the work site.

The screener has been designed with lift pockets for quick and easy movement around the work site with standard pallet forks. We also have designed lift extensions that can be inserted into the lift pocket openings. These lift extensions will give you the ability to move the screener around the work site with your bucket so you do not have to change to pallet forks each time the screener needs to be moved. Keeping any screener close to your pile reduces travel time and increases efficiency and hourly production.

Heavy Duty Lift Extensions

The DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener Heavy Duty Lift Extension are cut from 3/4 inch steel plate. These lift extensions are sold in pairs and allow the operator to pick up the DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener with the cutting edge of the machines bucket. Having the ability to pick up the screener with the bucket allows for quick and easy transport in and around the worksite.

DeSite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener Heavy Duty Lift ExtensionDesite SLG-108-RB Topsoil Screener Lift Extensions

New Feeder System

We designed a new feeder that goes on the top of this machine with a 3/8 inch thick rubber skirt that covers the entire screen deck. It traps the material in-between the screen deck and the rubber mat, slows it down, controls it, and keeps it from being airborne to getting better screening quality.

Packaged Shipping


The DeSite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener ships on a 3ft by 10ft pallet using 4ft x 10ft of deck space on a truck. Package height will be 92 inches tall. Call for a shipping quote. Extra mesh can also be banded to the screener to save on freight costs. It is best to have two people present for assembly. The Desite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener will take from 4 to 5 hours to assemble.

Front View of Desite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to shipSide View of Desite SLG-108 Topsoil Screener packaged and ready to ship


Our topsoil screeners give you screening independence working in good wet/dry material.

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