A little while ago we made a mistake and sent an e-mail to customers that had already purchased a topsoil screener. We asked them if there was anything we could do to make them a customer of ours.

Many wrote back that they had already purchased one and were loving it. Below are a just a few replies.

You did close the sale and I came there and picked it up. I bought the SLG-78-II and I love it thank you very much for such a great product.

Thom S.

Roy, Washington


We've been very happy with the screen we purchased. It was one of your very first. Do you have a good line on a conveyor to move the screened material to a pile or truck? With our 4" screen we are able to screen off the large woody debris and follow with the composting process. The only problem we've had is changing the screen and replacing all the screen bolts several times.

Thanks for economical screen,
Roger S.

Chimacum, Washington

Hi Brad and Debra,

We did indeed buy one from Bob Wolf at Woodbury Tractor down in CT. He was terrific and the machine is wonderful. We couldn't be happier with the purchase.
Glad you're company doing so well and I would be happy to spread the word.

Best, Luke

Langdon, New Hampshire

We did close sale. For a unit from your local dealer here. Great tool! Love it!

Phil H.

Medfield, Maine

I actually did buy one of the screeners from you. We like it a lot.

Derek S.
Spurlocks Natural Stone & Brick
Birmingham, Michigan