How We Build Our Topsoil Screeners and Snow Plows

DeSite Plate Cutting

Quality Starts from using Quality Machine

Steel plates for a topsoil screener

Only plate with steel mill certification meets the quality standards set out for DeSite products. We cut all our steel plate up to 1/2 inch with Laser Machine Technology, and for plate from 5/8 to 1 inch, plasma and computer controlled (CNC) flame cut.


DeSite Forming and Bending

CNC Form Bending Machine ensures quality.

To ensure 100% accuracy in the forming process we use CNC bending machines. DeSite maintains 100% forming precision with our computer controlled Brake Press.


Tab and Slot Manufacturing

After forming, each piece is then double checked with a laser cut bend gauge to ensure the correct fit each and every time. This is essential to the fabrication process because our engineered tab and slot design commands 100% accuracy.

Tab and Slot are Laser Cut for 100 percent accuracy Perfectly cut tabs and slots.

Lasered Weld Setbacks

DeSite manufactures superior quality with our superior engineering. Because we laser cut our steel plate, we are able to incorporate tab and slotting as part of the manufacturing process, ensuring a precision fit. We also use what, we call, weld penetration set backs when laser cutting from our DXF programs.  Our lasered set back tabs separate steel parts 3/32 of an inch allowing for maximum penetration during the welding process.

weld setback for our topsoil screeners weld-setback-2

Manufacturing Jigs

All weldments for the DeSite screeners are fabricated in special jigs to ensure each screener comes out straight and square. After the fabrication process is completed, each screener is moved to the next station for welding.

Take a look at the jigs and welding station for our topsoil screeners
Jig for a topsoil screener Topsoil Screener on a special jig makes for perfect straight and square alignments
Topsoil screener in our welding station Welding stations for our Topsoil Screener

Weldment Quality Control

Our quality control process includes a complete assembly of all the components that make up the DeSite screener.

Rock Screeners waiting for powder coat. Ensuring perfect fit between a heavy duty screener and the riser box.
Inspecting welds is part of our quality control process. Quality control inspection station.

Paint Preparation

We have a special powder coating booth.We choose shot blasting over sand blasting in preparation for painting. Our 10ft x 14ft shot blast booth gives the best possible surface for the paint crystals to adhere during the powder coating process.

Surface Coatings

Once blasting is complete, a thick coat of Hammertone finish powder coat is applied and then baked on at 400 degrees. DeSite quality and excellence shines through with each and every screener we manufacture.

Applying a Hammertone finish powder coat to parts and then hanging to dry. Powder coated, painted topsoil screeners baking at 400 degrees

Product Assembly

After the paint process is complete the assembly begins.

Topsoil Screeners in our warehouse. Close up of our vibratory packs for the topsoil Screener. Each part including our vibratory mechanism is closely inspected before shipping. Finish Topsoil Screener.

DeSite screeners are engineered
to work hard for you year after year.

A good example of this is our brass and anodized hardened steel bushings that we use in the hydraulic cylinder and feeder hinge bosses. Although the up-front manufacturing costs are higher to machine replaceable bushings, we feel the long term wear savings in the pin bosses are well worth the time and money.

hardened steel bushings are standard on our topsoil screeners Our rock screeners are designed to work hard every years. Close up of our feeder hinge.

This Hydraulic Power Pack is
100% DeSite ASM

We build this product start to finish, giving us the ability to control quality on all aspects of both manufacturing and assembly. These power packs are awaiting assembly quality check. Once assembly inspection is certified, each unit is connected to our hydraulic testing station for pressures to be set and a 2 hour run in.

Power Pack assembly Power pack frame in our testing area.
Groups of power packs waiting for shipping. Hydraulic packs can be shipped directly to you.

DeSite Shipping

We think about all aspects when designing our screening products. Our 2016 model portable screeners were a good example of all the innovative thought we put into our progressive designs. When shipping overseas in a 40ft container, we packaged:

  • 6 units (DeSite SLG108VF)
  • 6 Units (DeSite Riser Box Extension)
  • 6 units (DeSite Portable Hydraulic Power Units)

You might think getting all of this equipment in one container requires a lot of disassembly for loading and reassembly upon arrival, but this is not so. All six DeSite SLG108 screeners come out of the containers fully assembled and ready to run.

The Riser Box Extension units take about 15 minutes to assemble with the bolts that are provided.

Even the six Hydraulic Power Units come out of the container fully assembled and ready to run.


Whether it is over the road or across the ocean, DeSite screeners have by far, the lowest freight costs due to our superior engineering.